Sustainable essential energy with nonstop support.

The sustainability of the essential energy we provide to our clients guarantees that our solutions will continue to operate faultlessly from the moment they are installed and commissioned onward. To ensure this, our engineers and technicians are on call 24 hours a day to provide peace of mind, support and backup during any unforeseen events. They are also prepared to implement preventive/corrective maintenance actions as part of our post sales services.
Integration and Logistics
Cutting edge solutions for timely delivery.

Our essential energy solutions are integrated using the highest standards in technology, design, components, robustness and specifications in order to ensure optimum performance at all times. Our well-stocked inventory allows us to deliver these solutions on time to strategic areas throughout the region.
Study Center
We strongly believe in providing training to our clients.

The GLOBELEC Study Center is the only knowledge and training center of its kind in the region designed to provide certified professional studies in essential energy systems for our clients and associates.

World class instructors
Certified training program
Regional locations and on-site training
Courses on designing, operating and maintaining essential energy systems
Over 200 thousand participant-hours of specialized training already completed