Essential Energy to operate telecommunication networks and provide voice, data & video services.

GLOBELEC specializes in the supply of essential energy systems for telecommunication networks. Our solutions are well known for their optimum reliability. They are designed to adapt to the unique requirements of the region, recognizing that robustness, durability and backup capacity are vital to ensure nonstop telecommunications service.

GLOBELEC’s essential energy systems backup fixed and wireless telecom installations, including central offices, transmission stations, radio base stations, satellite stations, fiber optic nodes and terminal equipment.
DC and AC Power Systems for Telecom applications Essential versatility and reliability for fixed line and wireless networks...
Batteries Reliability and durability: essential energy backing up your critical loads.
Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS) Safe, reliable, disturbance-free essential energy.
Engine-Generators Sets All the power and capacity of essential energy when the public grid fails..
Power Infrastructure & Distribution Essential energy sustaining data processing.
Standalone and Hybrid Photovoltaic Systems Independent, reliable solar essential energy...