About Us
GLOBELEC is a company dedicated to integrating innovative solutions to ensure reliable essential energy supply.

We supply essential energy solutions using cutting edge technology and proven quality. We provide technical assistance, design, training, installation and specialized post-sale services.

GLOBELEC’s essential energy solutions can be found in sectors and applications that are vital for the economy and the welfare of the people. Given our multinational status and network of allies, these solutions are available across the Caribbean, Central American and Andean regions, as well as in the United States of America.
We are
We rely on
We backup
We guarantee
We believe
A company specializing in essential energy, using high-performance, technological solutions to backup critical applications.
The quality and technology of the essential energy solutions we provide to our clients.
The operation of our clients’ applications and critical processes with essential energy.
The essential energy that is vital for key sectors in the region.
In our ability to provide the essential energy required to keep those things that cannot be stopped in constant operation.